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About PCA

Pop Culture Archives was established by John Anderson in 2014 engaged in vintage apparel sales on eBay. Originally named Kirby44, after his daughter, born months prior. John is a lifelong sports card collector, starting with his first pack, a 1987 Topps baseball rack pack.

While engaged primarily in vintage apparel sales, Pop Culture Archives started engaging in consignment sales for other pickers of vintage apparel. Pop Culture Archives also started to engage in consignment sales with local sports card retail stores. Pop Culture Archives would sell collectibles for those stores in Pop Culture Archives areas of expertise, vintage apparel, hats, pennants, ticket stubs, posters, and photos.

During this time, the owner sold the bulk of his card collection to fund the vintage apparel and consignment business. However during a return trip from the National Sports Collectors Convention in 2017, it reignited a desire not only to start engaging in the trading card hobby again, but it was also decided that planning to open a retail store would commence.

Over two years of planning resulted in a retail storefront, newly named, Pop Culture Archives in Columbia Heights, Minnesota. The store opened in February of 2020, a couple months before a worldwide pandemic, which led to a wild ride in the collectibles industry.

Since 2020, Pop Culture Archives has positioned itself to be a leader in the Minnesota collectibles industry, primarily focused on sports cards, Pokemon, apparel and collectibles. Pop Culture Archives operates in their retail store, card shows, eBay, and has regular auctions on the platform.


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